What is Astral?

1 min readApr 20, 2022


A glimpse of Astral’s virtual city

Astral is a decentralized virtual playground that allows users to create, learn and socialize with Alpha leaders.

What value does Astral bring to users?

Astral seeks to make people’s lives better by offering the users to Learn, Create, Earn, Socialize and Evolve. Astral will achieve this by -

1) incentivizing virtual learning and teaching opportunities - where in-person training is important but generally not accessible

2) offering a platform for creative exploration and expression through its SDK

3) providing the ability to own and sell digital assets created as NFTs — powered by Polygon

4) offering social hubs for virtual events and incentivizing collaborative projects

5) offering astral plane based games in the metaverse — where avatars can transition to heaven or hell depending on their karma!

What to look forward to?

Astral shall be releasing NFTs with utility (Land Parcels, Avatars etc.) and will host a beta/test quadrant where users can explore a part of the Astral metaverse! Follow Astral on Twitter to stay updated!




Astral is a gamified metaverse where you can earn, learn, create, make friends and evolve! Powered by Polygon.